Congratulations Linda! You successfully completed the treacherous South Patagonia Icecaps with the support of inReach™. On the 29th November 2012 Linda Beiharz and her team arrived in Tortel by boat, this was their first physical contact with civilisation since they left El Chalten in Argentina on the 11th of November. The Team celebrated their successful crossing of the South Patagonia Icecap with a long hot shower. They were delighted with the performance of their inReach™.

On 5th November Linda Beilharz and her team set out to conquer the treacherous South Patagonia Ice Caps. This was the first stage of an extensive expedition for Linda to become the first Australian woman to cross each of the world major ice caps. After months of preparation the expedition team departed El Chalten on November 5th, a small Argentinean town known to Patagonian trekkers and people aspiring to climb routes around the Mont Fitz Roy area. It took them several days to shift loads up onto the top of the Marconi Pass, an ascent that takes the team up the Marconi glacier and up steep icy slopes. Patagonia is known as one of the windiest places in the world and Linda and her team were up for the challenge.

On the pass, the team used their sleds to help carry three weeks’ worth of food and head in a north-west direction for 150 kms. The icecap was a vast undulating terrain nestled between mountains that are part of the Andes chain. The team skied, roping up for much of the way in case of crevasses. White outs, wind storms, rain and snowy conditions added an extra couple of weeks to the crossing. No expedition before them had been able to cross without several days of waiting out the untenable conditions.

It was a Trans-Tasman mission - the team was made up of two Australians. The husband and wife team of Linda Beilharz and Rob Rigato; as well as New Zealander Kerryn Wratt. The location is one of the most remote areas in the world being up to a seven day walk from help or three days by helicopter.

inReach™ provided a vital link to the teams Australian based emergency response, who knew precisely where they were at all times. They were also able to receive status updates thanks to the inReach™ two-way satellite communicator.


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